Perfect Space for Active Adult Communities

Here are just a few reasons why we think Asheville, NC has some of the most perfect space on the planet for active adult communities:

  1. Mountains. Need we say more? These Blue Ridge Mountains just woo you right in. They are majestic, towering, and beautiful to look at every single day. Imagine a home with a view where the mountainscapes change on a seasonal and daily basis depending on what the weather, fog and cloud formations are doing.
  2. Seasons. 4 perfectly timed and amazing seasons. Winter is not too long, but its beautiful in and of itself with light dustings of snow. Summer is not too humid or hot for long. And spring and fall… just incredible color, beauty and perfect temperatures just when you are ready for that break from the winter and summer.
  3. Community. The people in this part of the world are so beautiful and friendly. Asheville has a mix of people that have come from all over – many from Florida, Michigan, the Northeast, and other parts of the east coast and mid-America for the most part.
  4. Culture. The arts, music and food is just neverending and incredibly diverse. Food could probably have its own stand alone category, there are just so many local dining options. Arts is really what defines the city of Asheville, and brings so many unique and differenty people together into an artsy melting pot.

Between the natural beauty and the man-made beauty, Asheville and the blue ridge mountains of western north carolina make for the perfect space to settle down as an Active Adult or retiree.

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